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Life Around Vjosa

The Vjosa River is one of the last wild rivers in Europe, winding its way through Greece and Albania before opening up into a lush valley with extensive wetlands. For years, this pristine natural environment has been threatened by dam projects, with up to 40 hydropower plants planned in the Vjosa catchment. If constructed, these dams would destroy the unique biodiversity of the river and devastate the local communities who rely on it for their livelihoods.


In the fall of 2021, together with a group of photographers, I went to document the vibrant life and culture of the Albanian communities around the Vjosa River. We visited the town of Pärmet and the villages of Kuta and Kutal, where we witnessed firsthand the close relationship between the people and the river. Through our photographs, we aimed to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect this precious natural resource and the communities that depend on it.


In 2023, the Albanian government recognized the importance of the Vjosa River by officially designating it as a national park, making it illegal for the dam project to continue. 

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