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I am a Ukrainian photographer and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. With a focus on human rights, feminism and gay rights, my work reflects on pressing issues facing our global society. Having been born in Ukraine and having lived in Canada, England, Australia, Vietnam and now Germany, I developed a deep interest in people and their interactions with their environment. My most recent work has primarily focused on the war in Ukraine and its impact on individuals, politics, and the world. As I explore photographic mediums and subject matter, my personal work serves as a powerful expression of the human experience and our collective responsibility to one another.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) in 2022, I have gained professional experience in fine art printing and analogue photography. I am currently seeking opportunities to work for publications as an editorial photographer, eager to apply my unique perspective to cover a wide range of subjects. In addition to my commissioned work, I teach workshops on analogue photography in my studio located in one of Berlin’s renowned nightclubs, Wilde Renate.


2023 March 04 - 26

DRÄNGENDE GEGENWART Der Blick Der Jungen Generation 

Group Exhibition and EMOP Special 

2023 March 14 - 18

VJOSA The Last Untamed River in Europe 

Group Exhibition at UNUMONDO c/o MALZFABRIC 

2022 July - 2023 February  

Graduation Exhibition at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences 

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